Civil service to “ban the box”

Yesterday, we featured news on Unlock’s main website that the Civil Service  have committed to ‘banning the box’

We welcome David Cameron’s commitment to the Ban the Box campaign and changing the recruitment practice of the Civil Service towards people with convictions.

The Civil Service is a significant employer and this news is a welcome boost to the employment prospects of the millions of people with a criminal record.

There’s no reason why any role should be closed off to banning the box and we look forward to ensuring that the Civil Service implement the Prime Minister’s commitment alongside a number of other measures to make it a fairer and more inclusive employer towards people with convictions.

We work closely with employers to encourage them to recruit people with convictions and deal with criminal records fairly. We look forward to working with Government, alongside BITC and others, to encourage more employers to take this proactive approach in removing the barriers people with convictions face when looking for work.


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Christopher Stacey

  • Paul

    The Civil Service may well have banned the box. However I was working for the Department of Work and Pensions when I was given a 2 year community order. I moved jobs internally to start afresh and for the first 3 months everything was fine. One day a new HEO arrived who took it upon herself to see why I moved. She saw my conviction on google and I was instantly suspended. Eventually I resigned before I was fired. I found the whole thing hypocritical as they have banned the box but made my position so difficult. The HEO went ahead and sacked me even after I’d resigned.!!