An applicant has disclosed a criminal record – what’s my first step?
An applicant has disclosed unspent criminal convictions – what should I do?
  • There is a lot of confusion about criminal records. Confusion can create anxiety. Anxiety can lead to risk-averseness. Often, it’s easy to make assumptions about what was involved in someone receiving a criminal record. However, when you have a clear process in place for assessing criminal records, you are better able to understand specific situations and make confident recruitment decisions as a result.
  • More information: Carrying out a criminal record assessment [Detailed guidance]
  • If you’re looking for a formalised way of working through an applicant’s criminal record, we have a criminal record assessment template as a downloadable resource
  • If an applicant has disclosed a criminal record, there’s a number of factors to consider to better understand the relevance of this to the role in question.
  • More information: Factors to consider when assessing criminal records [Detailed guidance]
I want to establish a process for assessing criminal record
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