Recruit! is a website that supports UK employers to recruit people with convictions and helps them to deal with criminal records fairly.

It’s managed by Unlock as part of a charitably-funded project. Unlock is a charity that works to achieve a fair and inclusive society where people with convictions can move on positively in their lives.

The aim & approach

The aim of the site is to increase the number of UK employers that develop, adopt and follow inclusive, fair and lawful policies and practices in the recruitment and retention of people with criminal records.

Recruit! is a website that:

  1. Supports employers in recruiting people with convictions
  2. Helps employers to deal with criminal records fairly
  3. Shares good practice (such as Ban the Box)
  4. Provides free guidance and tools
  5. Shows what other employers are doing

It includes our principles of Fair Chance Recruitment, such as:

  1. Having a clear, accessible policy
  2. Removing the question about criminal records from application forms
  3. Being fair and considering criminal records in context
We’ve got a leaflet and a business card designed to promote this site

The site is part of how we support employers and is a key strand of our fair access to employment project.

Why it’s unique

Recruit! is the only website in the UK that’s dedicated to providing free, accurate and reliable guidance and resources to employers on recruiting people with convictions and dealing with criminal records fairly.

We’re not running this site to simply promote charged-for training or seek commercial income from employers, nor do we have a vested interest in encouraging greater use of criminal records by employers.

This site is part of a broader aim of Unlock to achieve long-term change in employer attitudes and practices towards criminal records.

Our long-term aims are that:

  • People with convictions are not discouraged from applying for jobs due to their criminal record.
  • Employers recognise the limited value of criminal records and reduce their reliance on them for recruitment purposes by critically questioning their effectiveness.
  • Employers that continue to use criminal record information improve their policies and practices so that they are fairer and more inclusive towards people with criminal records.

The structure

Key sections

The site is broken down into a number of key sections, including:

  • Fair Chance Recruitment – This includes why this subject is important, the principles of Fair Chance Recruitment, information about Ban the Box and details of work we support.
  • Practical guidance – A practical section which focuses on specific issues, bringing together information, tools, resources and FAQ’s on different topics.
  • Case studies – Details of employers, including examples of good and bad practice.
  • News – Posts and updates, broken down into different categories.

Additional sections

There’s many other pages, but a couple of important ones are:

  • The user guide – this helps to use the site and the materials on it
  • The references page – this includes links to the sources of the data that we use on this site
  • The glossary – this explains some key definitions and the many acronyms on this site

For more information

This is a brief outline of Recruit!.

There are details of how we’re developing the site

There are also details of the support from Unlock and how we can help

If you have any questions about Recruit!, please feel free to contact us.

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