Steve’s story – Mistakenly disclosing a filtered conviction (wrongly) cost him his job

Steve’s story (as a video, below) shows how, since a minor incident when he was 19, he forged a successful career in the City for the next 16 years, but then it caught up on him. When he applied for his ‘dream job’, he disclosed his minor conviction as the employer had suggested he needed to. Their response was that they could no longer offer him the job.

He believed honesty was the best policy and that he wouldn’t be judged on that one moment, instead that he would be credited for the last 14 years.

His experience shows the importance of employers being clear to applicants what they do and don’t need to disclose; Steve didn’t need to disclose because his conviction is now legally ‘protected’. His employer had a legal duty to disregard it and they’ve left themselves open to potential legal issues. They hadn’t used the correct wording on their application form.


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