“Cheaper to hire than it is to jail” – a US perspective on Ban the Box

Ban the Box started as a US movement. That’s why it was interesting to see a recent TEDx talk from Kevin Hyde, an employment lawyer from Jacksonville, talk about banning the box from a US perspective.

Talking about three major concerns – cost, public safety and fear, Kevin’s talk addresses some of the issues that are caused by the box, and how banning the box can help.

As a lawyer that acts on the side of companies, he highlights some key elements to ‘banning the box’:

  • It does not mean that you’re never going to ask the question
  • It delays the timing of the question until much later in the employment process, usually even after a conditional offer is given.
  • Banning the box is a good first step, but it’s not the only step. Applicants must be given a full and fair consideration of employment as well
  • In his words, “nobody is suggesting that every ex-offender ought to be hired”

Watch the video below or watch it here on YouTube.


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