Financial incentives to encourage hiring people with convictions

As we face an uncertain future we need all hands on deck to rebuild the economy. Unlock is calling on government to pilot financial incentives for employers who proactively recruit people with convictions.

Read our briefing on financial incentives.

Many businesses are fearful of hiring people with a criminal record. Long-standing – but inaccurate – beliefs about reliability and risk mean 75% of companies admit to discriminating against applicants who declare one. Employment is one of the most effective ways to reduce reoffending yet around a third of people claiming job seekers allowance have a criminal record.

Evidence shows that financial incentives can influence decision making and that companies benefit from the inclusion of people they may not have otherwise considered. With unemployment rising, employers will have plenty of candidates to choose from, but choosing the right people to secure the future of your business is key. Overlooking someone because of a criminal record could mean missing out on talented, loyal and hardworking people.

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