Are you keen to recruit people with a criminal record and looking for help in finding applicants?

If the answer’s yes, this page should help, but make sure you’ve done two things first:

  1. Before you start encouraging applications, make sure you’ve developed a policy towards applicants with a criminal record.
  2. Each time you recruit, make sure you look at your approach to criminal records and make sure you’re doing everything right; we have a handy checklist.

Once you’ve done the two things above, you might then want some help recruiting individuals.

Often companies contact us looking for help in advertising their vacancies for specific parts of the country or in specific industries or professions.

So that’s why we’ve pulled together some sources of help. It has details of useful organisations that you might find helpful when trying to reach people with convictions. It has details of national, regional and local services that employers can tap into to help them recruit people with convictions.

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