Alpha version of Recuit!

Today, we’ve made our new site, Recruit!, available for the first time to a range of key stakeholders.

Recruit! is not a finished product. It’s in development.

The site you see today is our ‘alpha’ version. An ‘alpha’ is the first stage of developing something new. It’s a proof-of-concept – it shows our early thinking about how this new site could help us to meet the needs of employers in supporting the fair treatment of people with criminal records.

For Unlock, that means that it’s a way of us to share our ideas about:

  • what a website from Unlock could do for employers
  • how a website can help employers when dealing with the recruitment of people with criminal records
  • how a website for employers works alongside our fair access to employment project

So this site will be designed to show you all these things.

We’re testing with stakeholders and getting early feedback about the design of the site.


What’s next?

We’re working hard behind the scenes, responding to the feedback we get, to develop content for the site, and when that’s ready, we’ll move the site into a ‘Beta’ phase. That means we’ll have an end-to-end prototype, testing it in public. (Note: For technical reasons, the site is already online, although we’re not sharing details publically).

Keep up to date by checking out the site development section or signing up to receive email updates.


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