Unlock asks HM Treasury to make employment for people with convictions a priority

Unlock have written to HM Treasury to suggest financial incentives and ban the box are included in the upcoming Comprehensive Spending Review.

A Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) is the process of setting spending priorities and defining improvements the public can expect over the next few years. The CSR 2020 will set out the government’s spending plans until 2024/25.

As part of the CSR, HM Treasury invited policy suggestions from charities, companies and others. Unlock have asked that the government consider piloting financial incentives to encourage recruitment of people with criminal records. At the same time, we encourage government to look at ways to make ‘Ban the Box’ a statutory requirement.

Financial incentives could encourage more employers to take on people with convictions, while banning the box means applicants are assessed on their skills and abilities first.

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Would a financial incentive make you more likely to hire someone with a criminal record? Let us know.

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