Unlock publish toolkit to help local authorities ban the box

Delivering everything from social care, housing and planning and waste collection, to licensing, registrar services and pest control, local authorities need to recruit for vast and varied needs. With 343 local authorities in England and 22 in Wales the sector provides employment for more than 2 million people.

Every employer wants to recruit the best person for the job and, for the last few years, skills shortages have been a problem. Now, local authorities face unprecedented challenges and will want to make sure the workforce represents the community it serves. But the handling of criminal records can create an unintentional barrier or even indirectly discriminate against some sections of the community.

Unlock have published a toolkit to help local authorities offer candidates with criminal records a fair chance. The toolkit is designed to help local authorities understand the benefits of fair chance recruitment, offering practical advice and examples of public sector employers who have already done so. Our practical guidance will help local authorities make sure their policies and practices are fair and compliant with the law.

Offering a fair chance means not missing out on talented and experienced candidates because of a criminal record. By giving applicants a fair chance, local authorities give themselves the best chance to recruit the right applicant.

More information

Unlock offer training for employers and practitioners advising on criminal records disclosure. We are currently running training remotely – see here for more and information and upcoming dates or contact admin@unlock.org.uk to discuss your requirements.

Read more about asking about and assessing criminal records in the practical guidance section of Recruit!

For further advice on banning the box, please contact recruit@unlock.org.uk

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